East Side Of Providence Homes For Sale

 East Side Providence RI Homes for Sale

Providence Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams who was seeking religious freedom. Its nickname, the Renaissance city, accurately describes both its past and its present and future. During the Renaissance. Artists flocked to Providence for inspiration and to create a community of like-minded freethinkers. As Providence grew and its focus became more industrialized, it became a major purveyor of jewelry throughout the world.

With this change, Providence drifted from its original roots. Providence became quite ordinary as far as cities go. Indeed it did house some of the nation’s foremost colleges and universities as well as the East side of Providence which is a living lesson in historical architecture. But much of the flair and panache were gone. But then Providence, seemingly overnight, rebuilt itself into an artistic, intellectual, and business minded lion.

Three rivers were diverted through the downtown to create an incredible waterfront community complete with new hotels, high-rise condominiums and a blank canvas for the originating new crowd of artists who came to rediscover the inspiration of their predecessors. His resurrection of Providence’s urban landscape meshed perfectly with the area that consists of nearly 1/4 of the city of Providence: the East side.

The East Side of Providence is nearly all designated Historic. Some of the grandest examples of residential architecture make the East Side their home. Quite appropriately, the East Side sits high above the downtown area…overlooking or perhaps overseeing it.

When once if a child was running through traffic downtown, he may have been running away from something. Now they run with skates slung over their shoulders in the winter to race to the outdoor rink. Adults now race to the phenomenal restaurants which are scattered throughout the East Side and Downtown. or perhaps it’s Rhode Island School of Design’s Gallery Tour night, or Waterfire, or a play….