In the recent issue of GQ Magazine, Providence, RI was named the coolest city in the US.

Citing the hip lodging, dining and arts community in particular, the author was very taken with what Providence had to offer. For some of us, even when we work and live in the Capital City, some of these local treasures can be overlooked. So, according to the article, these are some of the highly recommended places in our own backyard.

The author’s journey began at the The Dean Hotel on Fountain Street.

[typo_blockquote style=”typo_style1″ type=””]”At the Magdalenae Room, the dark and velvety lounge at the Dean Hotel, a series of Vargas-style nudes dominates the walls. Behind the bar at The Avery, a mahogany-tinted cocktail spot in a quieter corner of town, a pair of butt-nekkid woodcuts bookend the bottles in between, temporarily distracting you from your order. (You wanted a Moscow Mule.) And back at the Dean, the ghosts of strippers past slink around the first floor’s beer hall, coffee shop, and karaoke bar, once the home of a seedy gentlemen’s club and now the GQ-iestplace (by far) to stay in Providence. It’s like the whole town is screaming in hedonistic chorus: “LOOK HOW SEXY WE’RE GETTING.” [/typo_blockquote]

For dining, The Birch Restaurant on Washington Street garnered great reviews. The Birch consists of eighteen seats around a U-shaped bar with a constantly changing menu. The author scarfed Macomber turnip in a brown-butter broth with bits of dried crunchy shellfish.  Definitely out of the box thinking!  If a Dive-bar is more your style, you are encouraged to check out E&O Tap on Knight Street where you can get a beer, watch a movie screening or play pinball!

I can certainly agree on the kudos for Nick’s on Broadway having eaten many a breakfast and lunch there myself.  Also mentioned was  The Grange, a vegetarian restaurant where the occasional scent of patchouli is no match for the mouthwatering aromas coming out of the kitchen.

The last Providence restaurant on the list is North, on Luongo Square is a very young, hip Asisan influenced – but not stereotyped – restaurant.

I have a few stops to make myself and hopefully you will as well.