Warwick Rhode Island Homes For Sale


 Warwick RI Homes for Sale

Warwick is the second-largest city in Rhode Island.  It is a total of 49 1/2 square miles and 14 of these square miles are on water.  It was founded in 1642 by Samuel Gordon.  Warwick holds claim to the first violent act against British rule when in 1772 local tax revolting patriots boarded the British ship Gaspee and destroyed it.  In history this was known as The Gaspee Affair, the first bloodshed of the American Revolutionary War.  Each year the Gaspee Day parade in Warwick is one of the state’s most attended summer activities.  Participants in  full colonial dress march in an enormous parade through the streets of Pawtuxet and Gaspee neighborhoods. 

The city of Warwick easily possesses the greatest number of real estate transactions each year and is often looked at as a barometer for the states real estate heartbeat.  Warwick is so vast that it encompasses every type of residence from waterfront Grand Victorians to urban cottages and country estates.  Warwick has a tremendous inland activities department as well.  Goddard State Park has been a constant of leisurely enjoyment for decades.  Warwick also has some of the state’s most desired public schools, as well as private ones.

Like the commercial says, “Regardless of what the flight attendant just said, you have just landed in Warwick Rhode Island, not Providence.”  Warwick is indeed the city in which TF Green State airport is located.